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RIKEN BSI News No. 26 (Nov. 2004)

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Special Feature

Honeycomb Modularity in Neocortical Layer 2

Dr. Kathleen S. Rockland, Head, Laboratory for Cortical Organization and Systematics

Research Results at BSI

Molecular stabilization may provide a newmethod to prevent neurodegenerative disorders

Laboratory for Structural Neuropathology

Dopamine neurons represent context-dependent reward prediction error

Laboratory for Mathematical Neuroscience

The effects and mechanisms of glia adhesion in synapse formation

Laboratory for Cell Function Dynamics


Dr. Yoshio Hirabayashi

Unit Leader, Hirabayashi Research Unit


BSI Summer Program 2004

Workshop: The Cortical Pyramidal Neuron in 2004

2nd International Workshop on “Frontiers in Molecular Neuropathology”

CDB (Kobe) - DRI (Wako) -BSI Joint Forum

Brain Network

Getting by in Japan: a Gaikokujin’s tale

Baljinder Singh, Technical Staff, Laboratory for Neurogenetics

Cover Photo

BSI Summer Program 2004

BSI Summer Program 2004


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