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RIKEN BSI News No. 29 (Nov. 2005)

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Special Feature

Molecular Biology of Olfaction

Dr. Yoshihiro Yoshihara, Head, Laboratory for Neurobiology of Synapse

Research Results at BSI

Identification of the Gene for Juvenile Myoclonic Epilepsy

Laboratory for Neurogenetics

Development of Orientation Maps: Nature or Nurture

Laboratory for Visual Neurocomputing

Dronpa: A Photochromic Fluorescent Protein

Laboratory for Cell Function Dynamics


Dr. Etsuko Muto

Unit Leader, Muto Research Unit


"Four Square" at RIKEN: CDB (Kobe)-RCAI (Yokohama)-DRI (Wako) -BSI Joint Retreat

"Frontiers in Cellular Neuroimaging" Workshop

Symposium: "Unraveling Higher Brain Functions: Recent Progress with Animal Models"

Organization of BSI

Organization of BSI (As of April 1, 2005)

Brain Network

Female Researchers in U.S. Universities

Dr. Reiko Mazuka, Head, Laboratory for Language Development

Cover Photo

Cover Photo

Upper- Visualization of Olfactory Neural Circuitry in Zebrafish
(Refer to “Molecular Biology of Olfaction”)

Lower- A glass bulletin board coated with "Dronpa"
(Refer to “Dronpa: A Photochromic Fluorescent Protein”)


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