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RIKEN BSI News No. 32 (Jun. 2006)

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Special Feature

Brain Development Mechanism and Diseases Caused by Its Failure

Dr. Jun Motoyama, Unit Leader
Motoyama Research Unit

Research Results at BSI

Synaptic Plasticity and Integration at the Sense of Smell's First Synapse

Laboratory for Neuronal Circuit Dynamics

DNER, a Novel Neuron Specific Trans-Membrane Protein, Acts as a Cellular Differentiation Signal for the Notch ligand

Laboratory for Neural Cell Polarity


Dream of the Return

Dr. Tomasz Rutkowski, Laboratory for Advanced Brain Signal Processing


Seventh Brain Science Advisory Council Meeting

The Fifth Picower-RIKEN Symposium

Lifelong Learning about Brain Science

RIKEN Open Day

Brain Network

Investigating Local Neuronal Circuit Functions

Dr. Toshihiko Hosoya, Unit Leader, Hosoya Research Unit

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