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RIKEN BSI News No. 35 (Mar. 2007)

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Special Feature

Does the Regulation of Gene Expression Depend on Chromosomal Structure?

Dr. Takashi Kondo, Unit Leader, Brain Development Research Group

Research Results at BSI

Bipolar-like Behavioral Phenotypes in Mice with Brain Accumulations of Mitochondrial DNA Deletion

Laboratory for Molecular Dynamics of Mental Disorders

Newly Developed Fluorescent Proteins "Keima"

Laboratory for Cell Function Dynamics


Seeking Answers to Philosophical Questions through Science

Dr. Kazuo Okanoya, Head, Laboratory for Biolinguistics


RIKEN BSI Retreat 2006

RIKEN-MIT Joint Workshop

Researcher Training Agreement with the Karolinska Institute

Brain Network

To the Future that will Come Someday

Dr. Hiroyuki Nakahara, Head, Laboratory for Integrated Theoretical Neuroscience

Cover Photo

Cover Photo: RIKEN BSI Retreat 2006

RIKEN BSI Retreat 2006


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