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RIKEN BSI News No. 36 (Jun. 2007)

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Special Feature

Vision Requires Flexibility

Dr. Cees van Leeuwen, Head, Laboratory for Perceptual Dynamics

Research Results at BSI

Partial elucidation of intracerebral mechanism controlling anxiety in mice

Laboratory for Behavioral Genetics

Individual Differences in Mitochondrial DNA can affect the cellular functions

Laboratory for Molecular Dynamics of Mental Disorders


Elucidating Prion Phenomena in Yeast

Dr. Motomasa Tanaka, Unit Leader, Molecular Neuropathology Group


Outcome of the Cognitive Brain Science Group Review


World Brain Awareness Week 2007

RIKEN BSI and Oxford-Kobe Joint International Symposium

RIKEN Open Day 2007

RIKEN BSI's 10th anniversary

Brain Network

Extrasynaptic Information Processing

Dr. Alexey Semyanov, Unit Leader, Neuronal Circuit Mechanisms Research Group

Cover Photo

Cover Photo: RIKEN Open Day

RIKEN Open Day


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