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RIKEN BSI News No. 39 (Apr. 2008)

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Inaugural Message - Appointment as Acting Director of RIKEN Brain Science Institute

Dr. Keiji Tanaka, Acting Director, RIKEN Brain Science Institute

Message at Retirement - Retiring Director of the Brain Science Institute

Dr. Shun-ichi Amari, Former Director, RIKEN Brain Science Institute

Organizational Structure

Organization of BSI (As of Apr. 1, 2008)

Special Feature

Developments in Neuroinformatics Support Tools

Dr. Shiro Usui, Laboratory Head, Laboratory for Neuroinformatics, Advanced Technology Development Group

Research Results at BSI

New Schizophrenia-Associated Genes
- Calcineurin and EGR Family Transcription Factors -

Laboratory for Molecular Psychiatry
RIKEN-MIT Neuroscience Research Center
Laboratory for Behavioral and Developmental Disorders (Former Laboratory for Comparative Neurogenesis)

Elucidation of Visual Response of Inhibitory Neurons by Applying Two-Photon Excitation Imaging to Transgenic Mice

Tsumoto Research Unit (Neuronal Circuit Mechanisms Research Group)

Brain Network

Elucidating the Prion Phenomenon through Research Based on Yeast

Dr. Motomasa Tanaka, Unit Leader, Tanaka Research Unit, Molecular Neuropathology Group



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