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October 20, 2016


Research field and overview

The major goal of this laboratory is to clarify the neurobiological basis of bipolar disorder for the development of new diagnostic examination and treatment. Bipolar disorder may be caused by cellular vulnerability or impaired neuroplasticity associated with altered intracellular calcium signaling due to mitochondrial dysfunction or other factors. Our recent study suggested a role of Paraventricular Thalamic Nucleus (PVT) in its pathophysiology. In this laboratory, studies using animal models and clinical samples such as DNA, iPS cells, and postmortem brains are performed.

Job title, available positions and job description

Job title, available positions
Research Scientist, or Research Associate one or more positions
Medical doctor who is going to obtain PhD degree will be considered as a Research Associated.
Job description
1) Studies to identify the significance of the neural circuit involving Paraventricular Thalamic Nucleus (PVT) in mood regulation (Researchers having skills in circuit genetics using viral vectors and/or transgenic mice will be considered.)
2) Studies of pathophysiology of bipolar disorder using iPS cells, genomic DNA, and postmortem brains.
Applicant should work on either of these two projects. 


The candidate should possess a doctoral degree or Japanese license of medical doctor. The candidate will be able to obtain a doctoral degree before the work start date.

Work location

Branch and address
RIKEN Wako (2-1 Hirosawa, Wako, Saitama 351-0198) 

Salary and benefits

One-year fixed-term employment contract, renewable, and based on evaluation, within 5 years' term.
When the closing of the laboratory is decided, contract after the closure will not be made.
The salary system is annual and will be commensurate with qualifications and experience. Commuting and housing allowances will be provided. Social insurance will apply. Mandatory membership in the RIKEN Mutual Benefit Society (RIKEN Kyosaikai) is required.
Days off include public holidays, New year’s holidays (Dec. 29 – Jan. 3), and RIKEN Foundation Day.
These and other provisions are in accordance with RIKEN regulations.
※RIKEN promotes a Gender Equity Program by taking various measures to create an equitable workplace where both men and women are able to give full rein to their talents and abilities.

Application and required documents

[Required documents]
(1) Complete CV (with photo and email address)
(2) List of research achievements and publications
(3) Two letters of recommendation including one from the current supervisor (If the current supervisor’s recommendation is not available, a recommendation letter from a third party will be accepted)
(4) Concrete research plan (in approximately two pages)

[How to apply]
Send the PDF formatted application by email to
(Recommendation letters must be emailed directly from the reference to )

Note: Application documents will not be returned.

Open until the position is filled

[Handling personal data]
Submitted documents are strictly protected under the RIKEN Privacy Policy and will be used only for the purpose of applicant screening. Personal information will not be disclosed, transferred or loaned to a third party under any circumstances without just cause.

Selection process

Application screening and interview for selected applicants

Start of employment

October 1st, 2016 (Negotiable)


Tadafumi Kato Team Leader is also a Chief Scientist of RIKEN.
RIKEN's mid-term plan will be terminated in March 2018, and thus the contract can be done only until this date.

Contact information

RIKEN Brain Science Institute
Laboratory for Molecular Dynamics of Mental Disorders 2-1 Hirosawa, Wako, Saitama 351-0198
For inquiries, please send an email.