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RIKEN BSI offers you stimulating seminars and events.

Brain Lunch Seminar

[BSI private event, English]
A bi-monthly noon seminar featuring presentations and discussion on recent research from BSI laboratories to broaden interactions across neuroscience.
Seminar Website (BSI Internal only)

Brain Science Training Program

[Selected applicants only]
One-year program in English for first-year graduate students from Japanese universities, providing comprehensive training in brain science. The program is carried out in partnership with eminent faculty from BSI, universities, and other institutions, making use of the broad interdisciplinary expertise of researchers in the field of brain science that is too extensive to be covered by a single university department.
Program Website

BSI Seminar Series

[Open to Public]
In BSI’s flagship seminar series, eminent researchers from around the world give presentations on cutting-edge findings and trends in neuroscience. This is a opportunity for junior researchers to interact and learn from global leaders.
Seminar Website

BSI Special Science Seminar

[Open to Public]

BSI Discovery Seminar Series

[Open to Public]

BSI Socials

Social events for informal scientific communication and peer networking.
[BSI private event]


[Event dependent]
Seminars hosted by individual labs on the latest research findings from faculty and postdoctoral researchers in Japan and abroad across a wide range of disciplines.

Journal Club

[BSI private event]
Small-group presentation and discussion of the recent scientific literature. An excellent opportunity to learn more about fields outside one’s own specialty.

Media Schedule

[Open to Public]
Media (TV/radio/internet) broadcasting schedule related to research in BSI.


[BSI private event,]
The BSI Retreat, an annual training camp for researchers, provides a forum to discuss research in a relaxed, informal setting. It is also an opportunity to further joint research projects and come up with new ideas. Popular events at the BSI Retreat include workshops introducing state-of-the-art research technologies.
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BMA Class

[BSI private event]
Technical classes supported by the Research Resources Center (RRC), ranging from basic to advanced, plus special seminars on state-of-the-art techniques.

Research Equipment and Materials Exhibition

[BSI private event]
In order for researchers to make informed decisions about the purchase of newly developed research equipment and materials, RRC provides manufactures with a forum for exhibiting products.

Summer Program

To provide advanced training to graduate students from a wide range of academic backgrounds who are interested in understanding the brain, the BSI Summer Program offers two courses: a two-month internship, where students participate in research activities, and a two-week lecture course. Each year, approximately 50 students from around the world are selected to join the program. 85% come from graduate schools and institutions abroad, so the program provides an opportunity to learn in an international environment.
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[Event dependent]


[Event dependent]